Batch-wise vacuum cooking unit(BJC)

The batch wise vacuum cooking unit(BJC) is used for the processing of all types of jelly, marshmallow and other foods. Is a starch cooker. The batch wise vacuum cooking unit(BJC) has the characteristics of large heating area, high thermal efficiency, uniform heating, short heating time and easy temperature control. In addition, the batch-type vacuum digester meets hygienic requirements and is safe, complete accessories, beautiful appearance, simple and convenient installation and operation, safe and reliable. Makes vacuum cooking candy hygienic and safe.

Yinrich is a high quality batch wise vacuum cooking unit(BJC) manufacturers, specialized in manufacturing different types of confectionery equipment. Our batch wise vacuum cooking unit(BJC) production equipment is optimized to minimize the loss of raw materials and shorten the cleaning time, and the products out can maintain the original color and original flavor. 

Batch-wise vacuum cooing unit(BJC)
Batch-wise vacuum cooing unit(BJC)
The batch-wise cooking system(BJC series ) is for all types of jellies and marshmallows based on gelatin, pectin, agar-agar ,gum Arabic, modified and high amylase starch. All the vessels are located on a compact frame .
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