Macaron filling and capping machine

The macaron filling and capping machine is a cookie capper that specializes in manufacturing macarons and sandwich biscuits. This macaron equipment will increase the macaron production. Because the macaron filling and capping machine will be automated in terms of dosing, capping and flow management, this will enable it to produce macarons faster. At the same time, the batching system of the macaron filling and capping machine makes the production of biscuits, macarons and pastries very easy. Capping is the process of macaron production. One biscuit is placed on top of another biscuit, and filling and jam are filled between the biscuit.

Yinrich is the high end confectionery equipment manufacturer, our macaron filling and capping machine is equipped with biscuit depositor, biscuit indexing device, storage manifold (plain, center filling, side by side, etc., optional), and top biscuit placement device. Welcome to contact!

Macaroon filling and capping machine
Macaroon filling and capping machine
YINRICH’s JXJ series macaroon filling and capping machine can be used as a dependent machine , or to be connected to the outlet conveyor of the continuous oven. The cakes are manually or automatically transferred from your exiting conveyor to the in- feed of the machine( or via a Biscuit magazine feeder and indexing system). Then cookies are selected by an industrial vision, aligned, accumulated, synchronized , deposited with an accurate amount of filling, and then capped the top onto the products. The finished macarons are then automatically transported to the freezing tunnel, and wrapping machine for further process.
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